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Nobel-Monitor Lodge No. 130


A Swedish-American Fraternal Organization

Instituted: 18 January 1908

Cleveland, Ohio

A Swedish Fraternal Lodge for Cleveland area
for all people Embracing our NORDIC Culture

Photo: N Yuhas

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If you are interested in joining or assisting with a Nobel Lodge Lodge committee, or for any questions regarding committees,  please contact for more information. 


  • Committees are formed at the Board meeting associated with the first meeting of the year but may be modified as needed during the membership meeting year.
  • Lodge members and non-lodge members, as appropriate, may serve on committees.
  • Chairs of standing committees (Executive, Nominating, Finance, Membership and Recruiting, Benevolence, and Culture and Programs) must be Board members and serve on all subcommittees of said standing committee.

Executive Committee

  • Acts on Nobel Monitor Lodge business.
  • Comprised of the officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Membership, Secretary, Recording Secretary
  • Chaired by the Chairman
  • Meets biannually or as needed

Nominating Committee

  • Establishes protocol for the nomination, selection and ratification of Board members and Board officers, oversees elections, acclimates new board members, and tracks board member and officer history
  • Chaired by the Vice Chairman
Membership and Recruiting Committee
  • This committee handles marketing and promotional efforts (advertising, giveaways, online sales, etc.) to support the recruiting effort.
  • Organizes exhibit opportunities and researches advertising and speaking opportunities at various venues.
  • Oversees the Facebook page and other social media opportunities.
  • Keeps records of the membership
  • Assists the Membership Secretary in the execution of his/her duties and addresses membership issues (fees, benefits, notifications)
  • Maintains the Wild Apricot membership database and e-mail address database – answering questions about how to use the Wild Apricot software, troubleshooting problems, monitoring posts for unanswered questions or conflicts.
  • Chaired by the Membership Secretary

Finance Committee

  • Responsible for managing the Lodge’s finances
  • Chaired by the Treasurer


  • Develops community relationships with social service organizations that Nobel Monitor would contribute to; monetarily and through tangible donations.
  • Takes care of the Old Age and Benefit Fund application when a member is in need.
  • Keeps in contact with members who are shut-in or ailing.

Culture and Programs

  • Organizes and develops programs to enhance the knowledge of Scandinavian heritage; at general meetings and within the community.
  • Aims to interest the members and guests in relevant cultural activities.

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For more information Contact:

Meeting: 2:30 pm, second Sundays of month

Meeting Address:

Peace Lutheran Church

3740 Mayfield Rd.

Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

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