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Nobel-Monitor Lodge No. 130


A Swedish-American Fraternal Organization

Instituted: 18 January 1908

Cleveland, Ohio

A Swedish Fraternal Lodge for Cleveland area
for all people Embracing our NORDIC Culture

Photo: N Yuhas

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High school seniors or college students who have been a lodge member prior to February 15, 2022 and are enrolled, or have been accepted for enrollment, as a student at an institution of higher education may apply for the scholarship offered by the Grand Lodge of the Vasa Order of America. The completed application and all required enclosures must be postmarked by February 15, 2023. AWARDS ARE PAYABLE TO the institution in which the student is enrolled or accepted for enrollment. To qualify for the College or Vocational School Scholarship, a student needs to be enrolled in an accredited vocational school or institution of higher learning taking no less than six (6) credits per semester or eight (8) credits per quarter in the academic year immediately following the award. Click the following link to download information about the scholarship and the application itself:


Language Camp scholarship
The Grand Lodge also awards a scholarship for a two-week language camp at Sjölunden, the Swedish camp that is part of Concordia Language Villages program in Bemidji, MN. This is the same camp that the District awards a scholarship to (described in District #9 scholarship tab)

The application will be available December 2023.

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Meeting: 2:30 pm, second Sundays of month

Meeting Address:

Peace Lutheran Church

3740 Mayfield Rd.

Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

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